Wedding Tips: Sunset Photos

Bride Tips – Sunset Photos

– sunset is the perfect time for you photo session but coincidentally usually is about the same time as dinner
– be sure to let your photographer and planner know if you want to set aside time for this in your schedule.
– The great thing about sunset photos is the colors of the sky are dramatically changing and the light is very soft and even, making you look great in your photos.
– You may even want to set aside some time to freshen up before hand as well.
– Ask your Maid of honor to come along and help you with, carry your drink and lipstick, adjust your dress and fix your hair
– Sunset times in california can vary throughout the year, check the website to see when the sunset time will be on your wedding day.

– In central california:
In the Winter it will be around 5pm
In the Spring and fall around 7 pm
And in the Summer around 8 pm
– Be sure to leave about 30 minutes of time before the sun actually sets