Wedding Tips – Bridal Details

Tips for Brides to Get the Most out of their Bridal Details


– Help your photo and video team to make the most of your bridal details, have them all ready, if there are groups of items you’d like to have photographed together keep them separate.
– Don’t Forget: all jewelry, gifts to bridesmaids, dress, veil, shoes, garter, bible, rosary, bouquet, invitations…
– If there is something extra sentimental about one of your bridal details be sure to let your photo + video team know about it.
– Be sure to put your dress on a pretty hanger or bring a nice one along for your photo and video team, even just a plain wood hanger is better than the hangers most gowns come with that are metal and plastic.
– Get involved, hold your gifts to your bridesmaids or get in the shot with you dress, it can be very natural and pretty, get a shot carrying your dress down the stairs, etc.